Milk Replacers for Beverages

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High-foaming, milky flavoured, low-density milk replacer designed to replace low-density skim milk powder in hot beverage applications such as hot chocolate. This ingredient is uniquely processed to enhance and stabilize the foaming and frothing action and to impart a characteristic rich, milky flavour.

Also available in a spray dried skim Milk Pro® duct designed and manufactured with the food formulator in mind. This product is formulated primarily with skim milk solids with the addition of other dairy solids in small amounts to deliver a product that offers the key functional attributes of low temp skim milk powder and the convenience of an agglomerated (instantized) product. With limitless possibilities, its primary use is for hot & cold beverage recipes, dry mixes and vending machine applications .

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Protelac® 125
Protelac® 195LD
Protelac® 450

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